1001 - 3150 Ton Press Controls Upgrade / Installation


Software Packages

  • RSLogix 5000
  • RSView32
  • SQL

This extrusion press was moved from Southern California to Eastern Washington by Kaiser Aluminum. The existing controls for the press were Allen-Bradley PLC 2 based with standard pilot devices for operator controls. This system was abandoned for a new Allen-Bradley ControlLogix platform.

ControlLogix PLCs allow for seamless network integration. Four processors provide the control architecture. Linear transducers and proximity switches replaced mechanical limit switches. Transducers replaced pressure switches to allow better control and accurate data logging. The RSView32 control station provides real time data to the SQL server that tracks each extrusion and total production for each work order. The operator is required to provide downtime tracking if the system goes offline. The operator and the amount of down time is logged with a single key entry. Local control panel PCs log data into the central SQL database using RSView32's data log function via Ethernet. The database generates the daily reports for production and downtime in PDF format and emails these reports to key personal. The production superintendent may recall historical data from the database for later evaluation.

Hardware Basis

  • Intel PCs
  • ELO Touch Screen
  • Strong Arm Enclosures
  • Balluff Linear Transducers
  • Rexroth Hydraulics
  • Belco Billet Furnace and Annealing Oven
  • ControlLogix 5000


  • Ethernet to ControlNet via ControlLogix Backplane
  • Peer to Peer via ControlNet
  • Media
    • Ethernet
      • Cat 5
      • Fiber
    • ControlNet
      • R 6 Coax

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