1002 - 5 Station Data Trace System


Software Packages

  • Visual Basic
  • RSLogix 500
  • Panelbuilder32
  • Microsoft Access

This 5 station Data Trace system was designed to allow for permanent tracking and data-logging of test measurement during the assembly of air bag inflators. There are four multi-function stations for Weight, Torque and Caliper measurements. There is also one station that is designed specifically for interfacing with a helium leak station. Each station is capable of running multiple tests per build as well as different tests for various serial devices.

Each station consisted of a Panelview Micro for operator interface, a symbol fixed bar code scanner, and a Gageport serial interface device.

A PC Main operator station is used for build setup and debugging. A Visual Basic application was written to provide the primary code that supports the communication between all devices and a custom Access Database used for quality control and datalogging. A barcode printer is used to label parts prior to assembly for tracking.

An Allen-Bradley PLC with a SLC 5/05 is used to provide communications between the Bar Code scanners & Panelviews to the PC.

Hardware Basis

  • Intel PC
  • Gageport Serial Devices
  • SLC 500
  • Basic Modules
  • Symbol Barcode Scanners
  • Microscan Wireless Scanner
  • Panelview 300
  • Net ENI DH485 Interface
  • Zebra Barcode Printer


  • VB Ethernet to SLC 5/05
  • DH485 for 5 Panelviews to 5/05 via ENI cards
  • ASCII serial from scanners to basic modules
  • RS232 from various serial devices via Gageports to PC

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