2003 - Acid Wash System


Software Packages

  • RSLogix 500

This machine was rebuilt by Hussey Engineering Inc, to provide standard components for a machine originally designed and built by a foreign company. The electronics were rapidly eroding in the acidic atmosphere, and parts were difficult to obtain, often with extreme lead times. The new design separated all the electronics from the acidic atmosphere, and replaced the components with standard Allen – Bradley controls and off-the-shelf items. A modem was installed to allow for dial-in capabilities.

This machine is used to rinse Silica logs in acid to prepare for shipment and storage. The servo axis’ on the machine provide the capability to handle the log and dip & rinse in a series of tanks.


Inside First Panel


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Front First Panel
Inside Second Panel
Front Second Panel

Basic Hardware First Panel

  • ControlLogix
  • PLC Platform
  • Modem
  • Digital Input Module
  • Analog Input Module
  • Digital Output Module
  • Analog Output Module

Basic Hardware Second Panel

  • Ultra3000 Servo Drive
  • Sercos Interface
  • Power Distribution
  • Ventilation Package


  • Ethernet to plant for programming
  • RS232 serial from Modem to PLC


  • Underwriters Laboratory UL 508A Listing


  • Submittals
  • OM Manuals
  • AutoCAD 2000 shop drawings
  • Manufacturers recommended spare parts

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