1004 - Barcode Scanning/Print & Apply


Software Packages

  • Visual Basic
  • vHMI
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000

This control system is part of an order fulfillment application that is designed to scan the barcode on various products after they have been placed into a case, print & apply a license plate label to the case, then scan the license plate barcode to verify that it matches the original product barcode and reject the case if it does not match. The case is then sealed for shipment.

A Visual Basic application was written to provide the graphical user interface as well as code that supports the communication between all packaging line devices via Ethernet. It provides for control of the system, status indication, alarming and current runtime production information. A custom SQL Database is used for data logging information pertaining to the packaging line equipment including downtimes.

Hardware Basis

  • Intel PC w/ Touch Screen
  • SICK Barcode scanners
  • Lantronix Serial to Ethernet converters
  • Labeljet 262 Print & Apply w/
    Zebra Pax 3 Print Engine and
    Ethernet Adapter
  • LinkSys Ethernet Switch


  • VB Ethernet to Lantronix converters, Labeljet Print & Apply and packaging equipment PLC’s
  • ASCII serial from barcode scanners to Lantronix converters

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