1006 - Chemical Neutralization Data Storage


Software Packages

  • SQLServer20000
  • Microsoft Access
  • RSLogix 5000
  • FactoryTalk

This application is designed to track information related to the neutralization of a particular chemical. The chemical needs to be accounted for from beginning to the end of the process with reports being provided on a daily basis.

During each phase of the neutralization process, data is calculated and controlled through ControlLogix programming. Process information is stored in SQLServer database for tracking of batch information. This is accomplished through the use of RSSQL. Control events trigger RSSQL transactions to retrieve data from the PLC and execute the appropriate SQLServer stored procedure for data logging.

Using Microsoft Access, data can be viewed through 7 different daily reports and 10 different customized search reports. Forms in Access are also used to allow the manual entry of operation information

Hardware Basis

  • ControlLogix 5000
  • Intel PCs


  • Ethernet

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