1007 - Metal Parts Treater


Software Packages

  • Rsview32
  • RSLogix 500

The purpose of this system is to empty and decontaminate projectiles containing mustard and nerve gas. The projectiles are cut open and the gas, (which is in a powder form) is flushed out with water. The water is then run through two reactors that neutralize the gas. The projectile is then placed in an induction heater where it is heated to 1200 deg F. All exhaust fumes are filtered and then reheated in another induction heater. The gases from the induction heater then pass through two filter systems before they are released to atmosphere.

The Intel PC running Rsview software provides the interface for all operators using with the system.

Rsview also handles all data logging, consisting of temperatures and cycle times for each projectile.

Hardware Basis

  • SLC 500 PLC’s
  • Flex I/O
  • Intel PC


  • DH+ to SLC 5/04
  • DH+ to Rsview 32
  • DH+ to Flex I/O

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