1010 - PV300 Photo Verification System


Software Packages

  • SQL Server 2000
  • Visual Basic
  • RSLogix 500
  • Frameworks 2.4.3

This system is designed to take multiple images of cases as they exit the packaging line. The images are used to verify information printed on tracking labels and conformance labels. An overhead image of the case is also used to verify contents of each box.

A Dell server running dual processors and four 36 Gig HD’s are utilized on a RAID 0 array. Three DVT Cameras are used to take pictures at different angles that tie back to the number scanned in at the barcode scanner. The weight of the package is also recorded and displayed on a local readout. The server is running a VB application that communicates to all the devices on the HUB and stores the tracking information, weight, and images in the SQL Server Database.

The VB app also verifies the tracking number for duplicates and valid scan reads against a database, and rejects cases that have been entered previously. The checkweigher can also be set to reject cases based on an over / under situation.

Hardware Basis

  • 3 DVT Cameras
  • AP Dataweigh Checkweigher
  • MicroLogix 1200
  • Metrologic Barcode Scanner
  • Vorne Displays
  • Dell Server
  • Lantronix Serial Converter


  • TCP/IP
  • RS-232

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