1008 - Primer Inspection Machine


Software Packages

  • RSView Studio ME
  • RSLogix 500
  • RSLinx
  • DVT FrameWorks
  • DVT SmartLink

This machine was designed to replace manual visual inspection of brass shell casings for the correct internal application of primer powder. The machine consists of a pneumatic feed system that loads trays with shell casings that are conveyed under a digital camera that inspects for the proper application of primer powder. If the real time digital video processing determines the primer powder application is correct, it is conveyed to a pneumatic take away system; otherwise it is rejected from the process line.

RSView Studio Machine Edition provides the operator interface via a touch screen to control the machine as well as showing status and alarming. The digital video processing software, DVT FrameWorks, is configured to determine whether each individual shell casing meets the necessary quality control requirements. System throughput speed of approximately 100,000 parts/hour.

The conveyors are powered by servos to increment the trays under the digital cameras for inspection of each row of shell casings. Once trays are emptied they are conveyed back to the infeed to be refilled and inspected again.

Hardware Basis

  • Intel PC w/ Touch Screen
  • SLC 500 PLC
  • DVT SmartImage Digital Camera
  • Ethernet Switch
  • Servo Drive Conveyor System
  • Pneumatic Feed
  • Pneumatic Reject
  • Pneumatic Take Away


  • Ethernet to PC
  • Digital Camera and PLC

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