1011 - Refrigeration Glycol Chiller Expansion


Software Packages

  • ProWORX NxT
  • QuickDesigner

This refrigeration glycol chiller system is used to regulate the temperature of liquid in a storage tank by controlling the starting and stopping of eight pumps and controlling the percentage that two valves are open. Cooling is provided by liquid Ammonia which is controlled by the two valves and glycol is circulated through the chiller with two of the eight pumps. Heating is controlled by the remaining pumps in three separate systems which contain two pumps each, one of these pumps water and the other glycol. These liquids are then passes through the heating coils or are routed around them depending on the current temperature.

To accomplish this task a QuickDesigner program was written to provide the user interface and a ProWORX NxT program was written for the PLC. The two programs are connected via Modicon Modbus Plus. The quickDesigner program contains several screens including screens to monitor the temperature of each of the loops, a semi-graphic view showing the overview of the system, and pump control screens.

Hardware Basis

  • Modicon Quantum 113/3
  • QuickPanel 10.5” TFT


  • Modicon Modbus Plus

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