1003 - Ammonium Nitrate Tank Farm


Software Packages

  • RSView32
  • RSMessenger
  • RSLogix 500
  • Microsoft Access

All controls / PLC & HMI code was designed for a 14000 gallon Ammonium Nitrate Tank Farm. AN used as a propellant base for the air bag industry, is stored in two 7000 gallon tanks equipped with steam heat fed from boilers, emergency generators and associated I/O. Two Batch holding/mixing tanks interface with a third small batch delivery tank.

All heat and temperature control, mass flowmeter setup and integration using HSC Cards, and standard pump / motor controls were designed. Intrinsically safe devices were also used in applicable areas.

An unusual level of alarming and critical failure code had to be written to support shutdown of the operation, as the AN would be stable at certain temperatures, but become unstable at high temps (>240) or if turned to solid (<170 deg) and subject to heat / pressure during startup operations.

A continuous monitoring scheme was implemented using RSMessenger to support paging and voice messaging alarms to key personnel.

Data storage was also necessary to provide records of temperatures, batch transfers, and other standard types of process monitoring data points.

Hardware Basis

  • Intel PC
  • SLC 500
  • High Speed Counter Cards
  • Mass Flowmeter
  • Thermocouples


  • DH+ w/ SLC 5/04
  • Messenger telephony via phone lines

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