1005 - Casepacker Motion Control Upgrade


Software Packages

  • Modicon Modsoft
  • Prosoft NxT
  • RSLogix 5000

This Glass/Plastic casepacker utilizes four separate motion axis' to separate, control, and 'pack' bottles into cardboard trays. Due to unreliable and foreign built motion modules and controllers, it was desired to replace and upgrade the system using Allen-Bradley components for maintenance and operational reasons.

Two motion axes provided separation of the desired # of 'rows' per case. This was accomplished by a set of fingers on each servo that help the backpressure off each set of bottles while the second fingers kept the forward set together. The third axis controls the set after it leaves the fingers and pulses at measured lengths to allow sleeves to be inserted between the bottles. The forth axis was used to drive a blank underneath each set of bottles and into the gluing section for a 'wraparound' tray.

The existing Modicon program was modified to interact with the A/B processor to provide specific parameters for each different case setup and encoder feedback for the machine speed. The A/B Controllogix program was written to interface with the motion axes. A Prosoft MB+ card was used to provide the communications between the two PLC platforms.

Hardware Basis

  • 1394 Servo System w/SERCOS Interface
  • 4 1394 Servo Axis Modules
  • ControlLogix Motion Module
  • L55M13 Processor
  • Prosoft MVI56-MBP Communications Card


  • MB+
  • SERCOS Fiber Optic Interface
  • Binary Interface to AB Dataliner

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