1009 - Product Distribution Packaging Line


Software Packages

  • Rsview32
  • VB 6.0
  • RSLogix 500

The purpose of this line is to package individual and multiple piece orders, (books, cd's, etc.) into a sealed box for shipping. The system also tracks the contents and applies a label to the outside of the box with a barcode printed on it identifying the contents.

A SLC 5/05 was used as a master that controlled communications between another SLC 5/05, one Micrologix 1200 and one Micrologix 1500 located in different pieces of equipment on the line. A centralized touch screen driven by Rsview32 provided all operators interfacing with the system.

The Intel PC running Rsview32 software handles all communication between the two-barcode scanners and the print engine.

Rsview was also used to handle all data logging, consisting of production and shutdown counts for each piece of equipment on the line.

Hardware Basis

  • Intel PC
  • SLC 500 PLC's
  • Micrologix PLC's
  • 1762-NET-ENI Modules
  • CiMatrix Barcode Scanners
  • Elo Touch Screen
  • Zebra Pax-3 Label Printer
  • Willet Label Applicator


  • Ethernet to SLC 5/05 and
  • Micrologix
  • Ethernet to Rsview32
  • Ethernet to Barcode Scanner
  • Ethernet to Zebra Print engine

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